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Our Story

Early Days

Founded in 2005 by two friends with oodles of passion for coffee in a small industrial unit in Derbyshire. Back then it was very basic, we didn’t have roasting software nor had we heard of speciality coffee. All we had was a 2nd hand Italian Trabattoni coffee roaster and most of the hessian sacks of green coffee beans hailed from Brazil or Colombia. Back then, colour of the beans was the only way we knew to roast.


Over the next 10 years the business and the team grew and we were supplying an array of hospitality venues nationally.

Two relocations later and we are now situated on the historic Courteenhall farming estate in Northants. The Trabattoni roaster has been replaced with world class Giesen Roasters, Cropster coffee profiling software and a dedicated coffee roasting team overseen by Felix, our Head of Coffee.

Our Approach


Great coffee starts with careful sourcing and Felix (Head of Coffee) is always searching for new, exciting, ethical coffees, whether it’s from a women’s co-operative in Mexico or small-holder farms in Ethiopia. Years of coffee roasting experience help his search as does his three years spent in Central and South America visiting and working with coffee producers on their farms and washing stations.


Once we've selected a coffee that we think you’ll love, then we focus on achieving a flavour profile that will showcases it at it’s very best. Our role is to highlight what makes that particular coffee exciting and unique not changing it unrecognisably. To achieve this needs a mix of experience, understanding the science and of course world class roasting equipment and software helps too.

Our impact

Environmental impact

We’re committed to doing everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment. But we’re on a journey and have lots more to do. Here's some examples of our progress to date:


We try to select coffees that taste delicious and have sustainable credentials. Forager, our seasonal blend, currently combines two such coffees. Zongolica coffee, a women only co-operative in Mexico uses sustainable farming practices and agro-ecosystems, eg forest conservation, to preserve the region's biodiversity. Finca Liquidambar in Honduras are fully committed to sustainability, they even make their own compost with the help of Californian Red Worm.


Half of our company vehicles are fully electric. And the majority of the roastery team commute on bikes or carshare. All of the green coffee we buy is transported on ships. Our Sugarcane decaf is decaffeinated at source rather than being shipped around the world to remove the caffeine.


Our Roastery is fuelled from Sustainable energy suppliers (where possible). Our packaging is either recyclable or Co2 neutral and when it’s possible we’ll be introducing compostable packaging too.


One of the by-products of roasting coffee is a nitrogen-rich chaff. The farmers on our estate collect it and use it as compost on their farm. Around 75% or our roastery waste currently gets recycled. We’re working hard to get that to 100%.

Local Community

Probably the area we have most work to do. We only moved to our new Roastery in 2022 and as such are still bedding in. In 2023, we aim to connect with the local community through a variety of projects and initiatives. Watch this space.

We are delighted to work with One Tree Planted, a non-for profit environmental charity. Their concept is simple, $1 plants 1 tree in a country of your choice.

We work pretty hard to reduce our negative impact on the planet including increasing our use of renewable energy, electric business vehicles as well as minimising our waste in the roastery. But we can always do more. So, we came up with a simple concept.

For every order placed on our website over a value of £25 we plant one tree (by donating $1 to one tree planted). Simple. We hope you agree.