About us 
We're all about the coffee.
Coffee should taste delicious. Simple as that.

We could tell you all about some of our regular trips to origin, for instance recently to Brazil and Colombia, to meet some amazing coffee farmers in breath-taking locations understanding and seeing first hand the skill and craft involved in growing and harvesting their coffee.

We could go on about how, back in the UK, we taste, develop and refine our stunning single origins or our brilliant blends.

Or we could wax lyrical about the meticulous detailed processes that go into ensuring all of our coffees are roasted consistently time after time.

But instead we think that you’ll work this out for yourselves when you taste one of our Beanworks coffees.

One last thing, we decided not to use fancy names for our coffees, instead we simply use numbers to differentiate them. Simple.

Coffee should taste delicious. Simple as that.

If you want great coffee for home Shop here.

If you run a café or restaurant and are interested in serving delicious coffee - go to our wholesale section.
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